Liam is full of energy and loves playing with his big sister Isabella. Last August Liam’s mom, Melissa, noticed that he was not himself, having on and off low grade fevers. He was not running around and playing. It took about 4 doctors’ visits but finally we were sent to UNC Children’s Hospital. At UNC Liam was diagnosed with Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia (ALL). They stayed at the hospital for 5 days. The hospital staff was so kind, but it was a lot of information and Liam’s mom had a hard time taking it all in. Liam’s mom had to quit her job to care for Liam and take him to his appointments, leaving the family to rely solely on her husband’s income.

“Going from two incomes to one during a pandemic with a sick child is not easy. However with the help of JUST TRYAN IT, a burden was lifted off our shoulders. For two months we didn’t have to worry about our rent. Your help let us focus on the treatment of our son and not bills.”

Now, Liam is going to the hospital for treatment once a month. Since treatment he is back to his old self you can’t even tell that he was sick. Liam loves trucks and his favorite cartoon is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. He always jumps up and dances when the theme song comes on. Liam also loves playing with his sister, mainly annoying her and playing with her toys. Liam enjoys playing outside, playing soccer with his dad (Austin).

March 2024 Update

“Liam is now in kindergarten and loves school. He loves robots and transformers. Liam also loves playing outside he has come a long way. He will soon be 6 years old. By looking at him you would never know he has been through so much at such a young age. Liam also loves playing with action figure toys spiderman batman. Also with playing his tablet I think every child loves that lol.”
—Liam’s mom, Melissa