Hannah was diagnosed with neuroblastoma in July 2022, at age 3. She lives at home with her loving parents and her younger sister. Hannah’s family has significantly been impacted by Hannah’s diagnosis. Due to Hannah’s care needs and the needs of her younger sister at home, her mother had to stop working and her father had to significantly decrease his hours of work.

Hannah has extensive periods of in-patient hospital stays and this is very difficult on the family. Mom is at the hospital with Hannah and dad is trying to keep up with work and take care of Hannah’s younger sister. JUST TRYAN IT provided a Deep Need grant to cover three months of household expenses.

“I told her our social worker that we were in a tough situation, all bills are past due and we are going to have things cut off and we can’t keep up. Getting this help was a huge relief, the stress on our relationship, the physical toll it was taking on us. When we got the grant the stress melted off of our backs.” Olivia, mom of Hannah.