Two-year old Whitaker lives with his parents and sister. Eighteen months ago he was diagnosed with Stage IV, high-risk Neuroblastoma, and has been battling ever since, accumulating almost 200 nights in hospitals/treatment centers. His mother had to quit her job and now considers herself a “stay-at-home nurse.” Whit’s father takes time from his job to help care for Whitaker and his sister, but his donated leave and FMLA are running out. He also had to quit his weekend job.

Whitaker and his family attended the 2017 JUST TRYAN IT Alexandria race. His seven-year-old sister was thrilled to hand out medals at the finish line.

Soon after the Race, Whitaker underwent his second Bone Marrow Transplant at CNMC. This past fall, Whitaker traveled to Baltimore for four weeks of Proton Beam Radiation on his skull and abdomen. While the family was able to utilize donated hotel points to offset some of these costs, out-of-pocket expenses, including meals and parking, created additional financial stress. Their social worker, recognizes that this family has a long treatment road ahead of them, and works with them to obtain financial assistance as appropriate.

In the near future, they will be traveling to Philadelphia to consult with Neuroblastoma specialists due to the persistence of this disease and his atypical response to treatment. From there, they do not know what the future holds. JUST TRYAN IT has helped them with their household bills at this trying time.