Melisa was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma in September 2020 at age 17 and unfortunately relapsed in March 2022. Melisa lives with her loving parents who previously worked full time, often traveling to do so. However, her mother has been unable to work in order to care for Melisa. Her father’s ability to work has also been impacted due to his job requirements around travel and trying to limit Melisa’s exposure to COVID. The family recently relocated to be closer to extended family but this has led to a number of increased costs, specifically around travel for treatment and housing.

Melisa was going into her Sophomore year at PACE University in New York City studying Public Health at 17 years old when she was diagnosed. She is a very sociable person and was in ROTC, Band, Track, and was the UNICEF, Class Treasurer. She loved the hustle and bustle of being in New York City but cancer has left her paralyzed in her left leg, so New York is no longer an option. Although her Osteosarcoma is spreading rapidly, Melisa and her family continue to fight.

“God does not put you in a situation he doesn’t think you can handle. We thank God for organizations like yours that help people like us.” – Melisa’s mom

September 2023 Update
We are saddened to share that Melisa passed away on September 8th. Melisa was a warrior and fought with tenacity and grace until the end. She is forever loved by her family and her friends.