Yehuda was 10 years old when he was diagnosed with Burkitt Lymphoma in the summer of 2022. Yehuda’s mother was nine months pregnant with their family’s fifth child and the combination of a new baby and a child with cancer was extremely stressful for them. Yehuda’s mother, a nurse practitioner, had to take a full year off work. Yehuda’s father had to stop working overtime.

Yehuda is very active. He loves Sky Zone and, before his cancer diagnosis, had no medical history. He loves video games and making people laugh. According to his mother, he wants to be a famous Youtuber “like all other ten year olds”. He was pronounced “no evidence of disease” in November 2022.

Yehuda’s family received a Deep Needs Grant from JUST TRYAN IT. They used the money to pay their mortgage. Yehuda’s family is proud to now be helping other families fighting cancer.

January 2024 Update
Yehuda rang the bell on his treatment just over one year ago and is still doing well! His mom, Michelle, says, “He’s still going to the hospital [for follow ups]”, though his appointments are getting less and less frequent.

“You helped with a few mortgage payments during treatment which was sooo amazing!” His mom also says that, even after being out of treatment for this long, the financial stressors related to Yehuda’s diagnosis continue. “We’ll get there,” she says.