Frequently Asked Questions

Feel free to reach out to us at any time with your additional questions at

If you used the same email address for each racer, you will be able to access them all from your single login. To login in, go to Once logged in, you can switch between racer’s accounts via the “Go to…” button.

If you registered each racer with a unique email address, you will have to login with each unique email address to access the pages.

Yes! In fact, we love to hear about children interacting and talking about what they are doing with others. Collected cash and checks can be brought to Packet Pickup on the Saturday before the race. You can also send checks to us at PO Box 34589, Bethesda, MD 20827. Please specify the racer’s name and location when mailing a check to ensure it is appropriately recorded.

If you would like the amount recorded on your fundraising page before Packet Pickup, please contact Eliza at and specify the amount and the racer’s name and location.

Your packet must be picked up on Saturday however, a friend can collect it for you. You will not be able to race without your packet and we will NOT have them onsite Sunday morning.

Yes! You can do this from the backend of your fundraising page or email Eliza at

To do this yourself, login to your page and select “Manage” from the top header.

Next, from the Overview tab, scroll to the bottom and select the “Team Fundraising” tab and then the  “Join or Create Team” button.

In Chapel Hill: Mini, Long, Short

In Bethesda: Long, Short, Mini

In Alexandria: Long, Short

In Pioneer Valley: Long, Short

Racers will go to Transition twice in between sections. The first time is between the swim and bike portions, this is called T1. The second time is between biking and running and called T2. In transition, racers have a designated space for their bike that is labeled based on their bib number. Prior to the race, racers will go into transition to set up their area. They should leave with only their swim gear (shoes should stay with their bike except in Bethesda).

T1: Swim to bike transition
At this transition, racers will come in wet and need to quickly towel off and get shoes on (if not done previously at a shoe station). They should also put on their race shirt with bib number and helmet. Once the helmet is buckled, they can walk their bike out of transition to the “mount line” to start the bike.

T2: Bike to run transition
This transition is quick. Racers are literally parking their bikes in their same designated spot, dropping their helmets, and heading out for the run.

Volunteers will be on hand to help racers with their helmets and shoes if needed.

These sessions occur during packet pickup near the transition zone.