Despite being diagnosed with neuroblastoma in 2018 when he was 1 year old, JoJo is a happy young boy who is always smiling! One of the things that brings him joy is animals. His mother says that he loves to make new friends and that his favorite hobby is dancing.

Joel’s family was the recipient of one of JUST TRYAN IT’s emergency grants. They used the money to help pay their rent.

January 2024 Update
“Joel ‘JoJo’ is fighting his 5th relapse of Neuroblastoma. He recently qualified for a neuroblastoma vaccine trial in NYC at MSK but his bone marrow biopsy came back suspicious so he was disqualified until he has clear scans and bone marrows again. He is currently doing 2 more rounds of immunotherapy at Levine’s Children’s then rescanning. He has been fighting for almost 6 years now, he was diagnosed when he was 18 months old and will be 7 next month. He just keeps beating it! He is an outdoor guy for sure and loves animals.

“We are a family that has been fighting for a long time and as exhausting as it can be we keep going because JoJo is amazing and he keeps us going.”
-Joel’s mom, Kimberly