Camren (Cam) is an 18-year-old cancer hero from North Carolina. In October 2022, Camren was diagnosed with stage III Osteosarcoma. He is currently in active treatment. Camren has just finished his last pre-surgery chemotherapy and is scheduled to have his leg amputated this week. Following the amputation, the plan is for him to receive an additional 5 cycles of chemo (a total of 17 weeks). Camren lives with his mother, stepfather, and two younger siblings. Both mother and stepfather have been unable to work. The family’s car broke down shortly before Camren’s diagnosis and they have had a really hard time covering the cost for the repairs. The family lives ~150 miles from the hospital and they have to borrow cars from family/friends to get to treatment. This JTI Deep Need grant will assist the family with their rent to avoid eviction and to ensure they have stable housing. This deep need grant will also assist the family with their utilities and direct to family assistance will also be provided to help with transportation expenses.

Cam likes to read, he likes to read so much he started writing a book at 16 years old. He wants to be a screenwriter. He is quiet and likes to keep to himself. He hangs out with his two younger brothers. And of course he likes to play video games!