Averie is a 16 year old boy diagnosed with brain cancer in September of 2017. He has no siblings. Before cancer, Averie was a bright young man finishing up his first year of high-school. He played soccer (midline) and football (defense). He was aspiring to join the military as an officer after completion of the four year JROTC army program. Things changed for him quickly after his diagnosis but, he still keeps a smile on his face and tells everyone that everything is going to be okay. Life is about changes and challenges. He often says he’s ready to meet any challenge that comes his way. Averie still plays with his dog Charlie and enjoys building di-cast model cars for his collection. He also likes playing his PlayStation and helping others.

Unfortunately, Averie’s mom lost her job due to the necessity to be with Averie—she managed dental offices and they could not afford to have her out for extended periods of time. She applied for unemployment and has spent their savings. JUST TRYAN IT stepped in to help pay for their mortgage allowing for a brief but critical relief from their financial stress.


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