Improving Quality of Life Through Direct Financial Assistance

Families fighting cancer often find themselves unable to make ends meet at the end of the month. If applicable, families receive support through our JUST TRYAN IT Family Assistance Fund for everyday living expenses.

of contributions go to single parent families
are surviving on post-diagnosis income of less than $24,250

Eligibility Guidelines

The following serve as the core requirements:

  • The child or young adult (ages birth to 26) must have a cancer diagnosis.

  • The patient must be treated in our geographical regions (as defined by our races) or reside in these areas.

  • The patient or family, through the social worker or resource manager, must demonstrate hardship related to the financial impact of their loved one’s cancer treatment.

  • The patient must be on active treatment or within one year of treatment.

  • The patient or family must be represented by a healthcare professional (e.g. social worker, resource manager) who has a good understanding of how a grant will impact a family’s financial stability going forward and can serve as a liaison to verify the patient’s medical information and the family’s need for financial assistance.

Each grant request goes through a formal Family Grant Review process for evaluation and final decision. In most scenarios, JUST TRYAN IT will make a one-time grant to an approved family. However, in some cases in which significant financial need is demonstrated, a second request for the same family may be considered. Our grants are paid directly to a family’s vendor (the mortgage company, landlord, utility, etc) within a 24-48 hour period of time.

Expenses Covered

Dealing with cancer can be very challenging for families—emotionally, physically, and financially. The JUST TRYAN IT Family Assistance Fund provides financial assistance to families facing cancer so that they can focus where it matters most. We help families cover essential costs, including:

  • Everyday needs (including mortgage, rent, car payments/insurance, utilities, etc)

  • Transportation costs to hospitals and treatment centers

  • Day care and other costs incurred when parents are required to be away from home to care for a child in treatment

  • Treatment-related lodging costs for patients

  • Home care and palliative care costs incurred by families when bringing a child home from the hospital

  • Additional costs incurred for special needs not covered by insurance or other expenses that will enable parents to focus on their child getting well

Isaiah and Tish

JUST TRYAN IT paid their mortgage and eased their struggles.

Read Their Story

Seeking Assistance?

JUST TRYAN IT is supporting families to alleviate the financial burdens that come with a cancer diagnosis. Our gifts are processed through a nationally recognized gateway managed by Family Reach and used by the growing CRFT Network of non-profits. Please email us to request support.