Lindsay was diagnosed with AML when she was three years old. Prior to that she had been a perfectly healthy baby and toddler. She had a fever and we went to the doctor. Three hours later we found ourselves in the pediatric emergency room, being told our baby needed a blood transfusion and that she had cancer. Lindsay endured 5 rounds of very intense chemo – so intense that she was required to stay in the hospital 30-45 days after each round while we waited for her immune system to recover. She was so immune-suppressed during this time that, most days, she wasn’t allowed to leave even her hospital room. We were given 50 / 50 odds that her cancer would recur.

The future was uncertain, and it was difficult to feel hope, knowing the cancer could relapse at any time. Now, we are filled with hope. 8 years in remission, Lindsay is a bright, enthusiastic almost 12 year old who finds joy in everything she does – from school to swimming to playing with friends. When she competes in triathlons, it is hard to imagine that 8 years ago she was a frail kid fighting cancer and enduring aggressive chemo. All we see is a strong, confident, happy 11 year old who just happens to want to be a pediatric oncologist when she grows up!