Noah is the youngest of 6 siblings which includes 3 older sisters and 2 older brothers. His siblings are Enelsey (23), Williany (21), Nileasy (19), Hayden (11), and a Benjamin (7).

Noah was a healthy and rambunctious little boy who is a sponge for taking every little good and some not-so-good things from his siblings so of course he was advanced at everything. He was diagnosed at 3 years old on December 19th 2018. We had just relocated within Maryland 5 weeks prior to his diagnosis. Noah had been sick for about 2 weeks prior to his diagnosis and had been to urgent care twice, his pediatrician once, as well as the Calvert Hospital once with no diagnosis. With no answers, his mom thought he might have Lyme Disease after moving to a house with a backyard filled with trees, grass and deer. After mom, dad, siblings and even grandpa took time off, and following a second ER visit, Noah was diagnosed with Leukemia at Inova Hospital.

Noah’s mom describes their family as a well oiled and obstacle-surpassing machine and Noah does not allow himself to ever feel down. He ignores his discomforts so he “can go play with the brothers.” He knows he has cancer, knows his meds and his schedule and is wise and bright beyond his years. He hates some of the side effects of the medicines, but takes them because he knows they make him better. He says he is kicking cancer’s butt!

Besides the obvious health challenges, the entire family has faced emotional challenges – despite the big family, they have no extended family in the area and are still meeting friends in their new community. Mom has left a lifetime of working (since she was 13 years old!) and a fulfilling career to be home with Noah full time for the past 2 years. Dad has picked up the slack with work, but that means he misses out on lots of family time.

Noah’s mom says “life is what happens when you’re busy making plans.” They have taken on this challenge as a learning experience and Noah is a trooper – he is described as the bravest person and no one would ever believe he’s gone through what he’s still going through.