Be A Leader

There are many ways that JTI alumni or interested high school students can support the mission of JUST TRYAN IT. Below is a range of ideas and concepts – some have been developed in our communities and others are waiting for the next leader(s) to jump in. And, by no means is this a complete list of the ways to engage in supporting families fighting cancer. Feel free to share you ideas with us and make this your own.

Start a Student Club

Ken Kaputo

JUST TRYAN IT is always looking for ways to raise awareness and visibility in a community – starting or running a club in your school is one way. We have seen the following school programs implemented at schools in the past.

  • Halloween candy drive
  • Card writing campaign or toy drive
  • Dance marathon fundraiser
  • Sports team to “adopt” a STAR or hold a JTI fundraising drive and/or racer sign-up during a game

(pictured: student leaders at Landon School Girl’s Day Camp)

Captain a Team of Triathletes at your Elementary School

Ken Kaputo

As captain of a team of racers, you can encourage, support, and motivate younger students leading up to race day. Some high school captains have enjoyed going back to their elementary schools to host an assembly, connect with families, and host training sessions for the team. Some teams have done joint fundraising efforts such as car washes and bake sales. The possibilities are endless.

(Pictured: Team Nicholas)

Be a JTI Spokesperson at a School Assembly

Ken Kaputo

Help raise awareness for the financial issues surrounding a cancer diagnosis and support race recruitment.

  • Talk about JTI’s mission and raise awareness to cancer related financial toxicity (CRFT)
  • Empower kids to help others in their community
  • Sometimes, we are able to arrange to have a STAR join at the assembly to speak first hand about their experience.
    (Presentation template is available)

(Pictured: JTI spokesperson Lindsay Templeton. Lindsay spoke to 4 different school and adult groups over the course of her 7th grade year.)

Start a Letter Writing Campaign

Ken Kaputo

From time to time, we have parents and children reach out wanting to write letters. We collect the letters and then send them directly to the STARs. These are always appreciated and we sometimes get responses back from the STARs.

(Pictured: Cards from Ravenscroft School 3rd grade students.)

Promote JUST TRYAN IT on Social Media

Do you have a great idea or campaign that we should run on social media. Let us know and we will work with you to make it happen!

Create a Video Documentary

Create a storyboard and work to develop a narrative arc that you can then put to video. Access can be provided during our race and interviews may be able to be arranged.

Senior Projects

Ken Kaputo

Requires prior approval and coordination with school. In the past we have worked with students in a roughly 3 week program to satisfy school’s senior project requirements. Students enjoy direct work with JTI staff and volunteers and have opportunities in the areas of Marketing, Strategic Planning, Race Planning, Non-profit management, and Recruitment.

(Pictured: Landon School seniors at the Biden Cancer Summit.)