Abigail is a sweet 6-year-old girl who lives with her mother and her maternal grandparents. She was diagnosed with brain cancer in December of 2019. Due to her daughter’s diagnosis, Abigail’s mother had to leave her job in order to be her daughter’s primary caregiver. JUST TRYAN IT funded an emergency relief grant to assist with Abby’s uncovered medical expenses. Abby recently completed treatment and is in Maintenance. Abby’s mom is now back to work and they have turned their focus to helping other kids in treatment. Abby and her mom created Abby’s Carts of Courage. They deliver carts filled with toys and treats to families receiving in person treatment. They have delivered five carts so far and look forward to doing more.

Abigail loves sharks! She goes fishing with her family and loves to catch sharks. She loves to draw, paint and create art. She is an avid reader and has over 500 books in her reading cottage in the backyard. She calls her nurses her best friends and loves to have dance parties with them. Abby’s mom says she is extremely empathetic and is constantly looking out for others and giving them compliments. Abby is thrilled to support JUST TRYAN IT by serving as the 2022 Face of the Race in Bethesda and is excited for race weekend!

“I loved reading about how children help raise money by doing triathlons! That is the coolest idea!!! Thank you so much!” —Katie, mom of Abigail

January 2023 Update

“Abby loves going to school and is in first grade. Her favorite subject is math this year! Her recent MRI in January showed no tumor growth, so her cancer is behaving itself! She still loves singing, dancing, art, reading and being social. Abby has helped film a new commercial for Maryland Proton Treatment Center in Baltimore, which is currently airing. She has helped deliver 25 wagons through our nonprofit program, Abby’s Carts of Courage, to children in the hospital battling cancer. Abby truly enjoys connecting with other cancer kids! She will be walking in a cancer survivor fashion show in April at Turf Valley.”

—Abigail’s mother

February 2024 Update

“Abby turned 8 in November of 2023! We are now 4 years out since her initial diagnosis. Abby’s last few recent MRI’s showed an enhancement. After consulting both times with radiology, oncology and her doctors at nearby hospitals, they were able to say with certain it is scar tissue and her tumor has not grown. She has been attending physical therapy for some disc bulging in her lower back, and loves going to “work out!” She absolutely loves school and is the first one up in the morning to get ready. She has been working hard to help local and out of state children receive wagons through Abby’s Carts of Courage. We delivered 48 wagons in 2023 and 14 so far in 2024, with a total of 85 since May of 2022. Abby enjoys connecting with the children and brightening their day.”

—Abigail’s parents