Amelia is a 5 year old girl diagnosed with Wilms Tumor in February 2019. Amelia lives at home with her parents and 3 brothers. Her father works full time for a trucking company and her mom is the primary caretaker. During her initial surgery and treatment, Amelia’s father took unpaid FML and has returned to work now. It was during this time that a grant was issued to help assist with their auto loan payments, utility and cell phone payments enabling them to focus on Amelia’s care.

Amelia’s mom recently wrote, “Amelia is well. Her treatments have now spaced out to every three weeks. Amelia is a shy, but wild spirited child. She loves to swim, dance, and play with her dolls. She is a cheerleader, and a ballet and tap dancer. We are a one income family, and while usually one income is enough for us, her diagnosis has changed that. My husband does not get paid for the time he takes off from work. So, when Amelia has 5 day in-patient treatments, he has to be home with our 3 other children, rather than at work. Additionally, we live over an hour away from her treatment hospital increasing our gas, food, and parking expenses. When she had to undergo daily radiation treatments for 2 weeks, we had to drive over an hour there and back each day. But, as the months have gone by, things have gotten a bit easier.

With the help from JUST TRYAN IT, we were able to stay on top of our bills. We try to stay positive through this entire journey. Amelia was fortunate enough to have a very treatable cancer when others are not so lucky. Amelia is amazing and such a trooper; she helps us all to have hope knowing this will be over soon and maybe we can all get back to the life we knew before.”