Kennedy is a sweet young girl diagnosed with ALL in November 2020 at age 2. She lives at home with her parents and sister. According to her mom, Kennedy is a bit of a wild child. She has a spunky and playful attitude and takes each day as a brand new adventure. She loves playing outside, going on bike rides and having picnics at the park. She is obsessed with peanut butter jelly sandwiches, butter jelly, as she calls them. From day one she has been such a happy baby and now toddler. She loves to laugh and make others laugh. She loves dancing and singing. And like most little girls, all things Disney Princess. Her sister is her absolute best friend, and she wants to be just like her.

Prior to Kennedy’s diagnosis, both her parents contributed to the household income. They are now both using FMLA to take Kennedy to her weekly treatments resulting in a loss of income. JUST TRYAN IT immediately funded a grant to assist with their mortgage and auto payment while their family focuses on Kennedy’s care.

Due to Covid and her condition the family has had to limit her being out in public. Just over a month ago they started letting her accompany her dad or I to the store in Saturday’s. This is something she now looks forward to weekly. Kennedy also looks forward to getting labs done on Mondays, because that means a trip to Dunkin Donuts on the way home.

“Kennedy is smart, sassy, energetic and has such a love for life. The kind of energy she brings as a 3 year old is incredible.” – Amanda, Kennedy’s mom