AC is a spirited and funny 4 year old child battling Very High Risk ALL. Her leukemia has been slow to respond to treatment and she has experienced several complications that have required unplanned admissions including serious infections and infusion reactions. AC’s prolonged treatment and hospitalizations have made her young body very deconditioned. She has needed and benefited from physical therapy. PT has helped AC regain strength, endurance, and functioning. Her medical team is requiring that she continue PT for the foreseeable future. Her insurance has a maximum number of allowed visits, however, and she has surpassed this and the insurance company has declined to make any exceptions. The PT clinic is willing to provide a reduced rate, but even this cost is too burdensome for the family to pay out of pocket given all of the other financial burdens of prolonged treatment. AC’s mother is a full-time mother to the 2 girls and does not work outside of the home. Her father works in sales but mostly on commission, so income has been reduced as he has been active in AC’s treatment and care.

*Utilizing JTI funds, a Family Reach grant of $950.00 was immediately issued to help assist with AC’s Physical Therapy payment while their family focuses on her care.

Update from mom March 2022

AC is off chemotherapy and doing very well.