The JUST TRYAN IT Family Assistance Fund

We work directly with pediatric oncology social workers at our area hospitals to provide hundreds of families in cancer treatment with critical financial assistance, education and navigation. Our grants are paid directly to a family’s vendor (the mortgage company, landlord, utility, etc) within a 24-48 hour period of time.


Hear from our families

All my thanks go to JUST TRYAN IT and your donors. If I didn’t get help from you Rosemary and I would probably be coming back to no home, car or electricity. When she relapsed after only a few months, I had to take a lot of time for doctor appointments before the transplant. I had already used all my savings for her chemo and surgeries in the first of the year when she was diagnosed. I didn’t have anything left for her relapse and continued treatment. I do not think people really know how much time and lost work happens when you are trying to save your child. When you also have other children at home it is even harder. So please thank them again for Rosemary and me.

Mary, Rosemary's Mom

Your gift is going to help us a lot. I have 3 children ages 4 months,4 years old and my son 6 who has wilms tumor. I was working overnight at Amazon I lost my job last night due to child care issues because nobody wanted to watch my son due to his illness. I was going to be behind on my rent. This helps a lot and it takes a lot of stress off of me, now I won’t have to worry how we gonna pay our rent your organization make sure we weren’t on the streets. I appreciate the help through this stressful time.

Amanda, Denizen’s Mom

We appreciate so very much the financial support we received from your organization. It was a breath of fresh out when it felt like the walls were closing in on us.

Bobbi, Logan’s Mom

Thank you for this. I cannot even begin to express in words our gratitude to JUST TRYAN IT in supporting our family with this generous grant. When we found out Meaghan had a recurrence of her cancer her first thought went immediately to fertility preservation which was a good thing….she has hope for the future. It is unfortunate that insurance companies do not feel the need to provide this hope for pediatric cancer patients who want to preserve their fertility. JUST TRYAN IT has made this possible for Meaghan.

Maura, Meaghan’s Mom