Henry is a 16 year old who was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer along with Hashimoto’s disease in April of 2016. Treatment for Henry’s cancer diagnosis included a total thyroidectomy and central neck dissection in May, 2016 along with radioactive iodine treatments lasting until November, 2016. Henry continues to be monitored by his Oncology team every 6 months. He is followed much more closely by his Endocrinology team where he often receives full body cat scans and other testing which can last several days at a time.

Henry’s lives at home with his mom Kat, step-father, and 6 older siblings. Kat is a teacher, and often has to take unpaid leave to bring Henry to medical appointments. Not only does she not get paid when she does not work, she also has to pay for a substitute teacher for her classroom out of pocket. Henry’s biological father holds his health insurance, however there are many out-of-pocket medical costs in addition to everyday bills. Kat’s husband Joe works full time and together they still struggle to make ends meet at this time.

Henry’s mom wrote, “our sincere thank you’s on to the foundation. This is certainly has come as a blessing in our lives and without people like you we would continue to struggle. We wish you a very blessed Thanksgiving and for you we are giving thanks.”


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