Empathy Gym

Welcome to the Empathy Gym! The goal of this program is to spark empathy, expand our community and inspire you to make a difference in the lives of others. Research shows that through practice, we can develop empathy and become kinder and happier as a result. Through the practice of these activities you can develop your empathy muscles and train to be a champion of caring.

ACTIVITY 1 Story Reflections: Identify and name your feelings Story Reflections What is your favorite book?  How does that book make you feel?
ACTIVITY 2 Just Like Me:  Find common ground with someone who appears different. Just Like Me Read about one of the JTI STARS. How do you feel when you read their story?
ACTIVITY 3 Try it Like a Hero:  success requires perseverance Try It Like A Hero Name your real life superhero. What lessons have you learned from them?
ACTIVITY 4 Call to Action!  Take on a challenge. Join us for a race.  Register Today! How do you feel when you do something you thought you could not?
ACTIVITY 5 Cost of Cancer Family Reach Financial Guidebook What are some of the tough decisions families need to make when going through cancer treatment?
ACTIVITY 6 Health Equity Read Social Determinants Must be Addressed to Advance Health Equity. What does the ideal community look like to keep people happy and healthy?
ACTIVITY 7 Cancer impacts the whole family. Learn about Special Love and BRASS Camp, a camp for the siblings of cancer patients. If someone in your family got sick, how would your life change?
ACTIVITY 8 A community of support Search up two other organizations that support cancer patients. If you could create an organization to help people with cancer what would it do?
ACTIVITY 9 Comforting Others Comfort Activity Share a time when you gave comfort to someone else?
ACTIVITY 10 A Call to Action Join us for a race. Find a friend and encourage them to register What does it mean to you to do something for someone else?
ACTIVITY 11 Gratitude Gratitude Scavenger Hunt What are three things you were grateful for this week?

Leaders in Action

There are many ways we see our racers improving their communities

Have more ideas?

Contact us if you have an idea that you would like to put into action.

Fostering Empathy

Our racers have the opportunity to be paired with a child that has been affected by cancer.  Charlie, pictured here, raced in our Baltimore race in memory of Cody. He wrote this letter to Cody’s parents after the event.

Hear from our racing families

I love that is focusing on involving children in the process and teaching them how to give back. My kids loved the party zone and the challenge of the course. They could take risks and feel proud they were helping others. It was a great event. We built more community through asking for donations as well as meeting folks at the race. We can’t wait for next year! It was truly a heartfelt race and way to give back!

Parent, Chapel Hill, NC

This was our first JUST TRYAN IT experience. My son Charlie (6), ran on his hospital friend Fionn’s team.  We all were so thrilled by the day and the experience. As luck would have it, Ryan ran with Charlie to the finish line.  Charlie keeps talking about how Ryan, who had cancer just like he did, helped him finish. We are all touched and honored to participate in this amazing event.  We’ll see you next year!

Christine Winchester, Bethesda, MD

Our Racers  Make a Difference in Their Communities

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