At 15 years old treated, Rosie was diagnosed for Hodgkins Lymphoma at Duke Children’s Hospital. She lives in NC with her single mom and 2 siblings. A grant from JUST TRYAN IT covered one month of mortgage and car payments.

“All my thanks goes to JTI and your donors. If I didn’t get help from you, Rosie and I would probably be coming back to no home, car or electricity. When Rosie relapsed after only a few months, I had to take a lot of time for doctor appointments before the transplant – that was about 2 weeks of work. I had already used all my savings for her chemo and surgeries in the first of the year when she was diagnosed. So, I didn’t have any thing left for her relapse and continued treatment. I do not think people really know how much time and lost work happens when you are trying to save your child. When you also have other children at home it is even harder.  So please, thank JTI again from Rosie and me,” wrote Mary, Rosie’s Mother.