Isaiah was a happy and healthy baby boy—playing, crawling, walking, eating, talking, laughing—until at 6 months of age when he was diagnosed with Hepatoblastoma, a rare liver cancer that occurs primarily in children. Isaiah had 4 rounds of chemotherapy followed by surgery to remove the tumor and tragically went into cardiac arrest during the operation which left him with brain damage.

Isaiah lives with his mom, Tish and his grandparents in Maryland. Due to Isaiah’s needs and the level of care he requires, Tish had to reduce her employment from full time to part time, cutting her salary in half.

JUST TRYAN IT was able to fund a medical stroller as well as assistance with their mortgage. Tish was grateful to JUST TRYAN IT for this and all the financial help they provided her and Isaiah. Without it, she says there were times she felt like giving up. JUST TRYAN IT is helping Isaiah and her live with lives that have been upset by cancer.

2021 Update

Isaiah is now 4 and is doing well after both he and Tish had COVID this winter. Isaiah loves to have stories read to him, and to listen to CocoMelon. His favorite toy to play with is his Mickey Mouse. Tish is looking for preschool programs for Isaiah, hoping to find one that will help accommodate his special needs in hopes that he can start school this fall!