A Beautiful Day in Bethesda – $187,800 to support families fighting cancer

Sunshine, sweat and smiles were abundant at Landon School on Sunday morning. There were 411 registered racers and 225 volunteers who together with our sponsors raised $187,800 to provide financial support to families with a child in cancer treatment in the Washington metropolitan region. We are so grateful to all of the families and

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2022 Impact Report

March 2023 Dear Friends, A recent article in the The New York Times Magazine, What Happened to Us, by Jon Mooallem, talks about our collective resistance to reflect on what we experienced during the pandemic and our relentless drive to return to “normal”.  The article made me think of the traumatic experiences of families who have

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JTI Launches Deep Need Grant Fund

For twelve years JUST TRYAN IT has provided families financial assistance to alleviate the financial stress they encounter when their child is in cancer treatment.  We have raised over 4 million dollars and helped nearly 3,500 families.   These emergency relief grants are generally capped at $2,000 per family per year and directly pay rent, mortgage, utilities

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Thank You Chapel Hill $134,000 Raised!

THANK YOU CHAPEL HILL $134,000 raised for JUST TRYAN IT to support families with a child in cancer treatment at UNC and Duke. Race Day is the Best Day I still have a smile on my face!  We are basking in the warmth of the post-race glow. I wanted

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The 2021 Carrie Sloan Norry Founders Award

The Board of Directors of JUST TRYAN IT is pleased to announce the winner of the 2021 Carrie Sloan Norry Founders Award.  This award is presented annually to an individual or individuals who demonstrate strength of character, passion, determination, empathy and dedication to those impacted by cancer. These are qualities that Carrie has demonstrated

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Kids Triathlons Raise Over $238,000 to Support Families

We are back! Our return to in-person racing was triumphant. The kids triathlons in Bethesda and Chapel Hill raised over $238,000. The proceeds from these events will support families fighting cancer at Children's Hospital, Duke Children's, John Hopkins, INOVA, Children's Hospital at Sinai and UNC. Thank you to all of our racers, volunteers, sponsors

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Virtual Race Video

JUST TRYAN IT hosted its first virtual triathlon on May 3, 2020. Over 320 people participated raising over $55,000 for families fighting cancer at UNC and Duke! This money will be used to pay rent and utilities bills and to provide gas and food vouchers for families with a child in treatment for

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Communities embrace JUST TRYAN IT’s first virtual race!

Lake Hogan Farms community maintains safe social distance while racing in the virtual triathlon, May 3, 2020! Dear JUST TRYAN IT Community, On Sunday over 320 people from across seven states participated in JUST TRYAN IT's first virtual triathlon. The majority of these racers were from our Chapel Hill, North Carolina race

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Thank You 2019, Hello 2020!

Dear Friends Four little words, “your child has cancer.” Words that change your life forever. In the ensuing days, medical professionals will tell you about the various tests, drugs, and treatments your child will endure. But no one asks the question, “how will you afford this treatment?” Families will do whatever needs to be

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Families Helping Families

JUST TRYAN IT is all about families helping families.  In the past ten years we have had over 5500 racers cross our finish lines and helped over 3100 families.  Families like Trent's; Trent was diagnosed at the age of 13 with a rare form of lukemia. He endured years of chemotherapy, radiation and a bone marrow transplant.  In February of this

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Candy Drive 2020

Do you have more candy in your house than you can eat? Why not give it away! We are collecting candy and delivering it to the families and staff at UNC Children’s hospitals. Brighten someone else’s day with a treat. Now through November 18th. Interested in helping with the collections? Contact Carrie. Current collection

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JTI Holds 10th Annual Race in Bethesda Sunday, June 16, 2019

(Bethesda, MD, Friday, April 26, 2019) - Bethesda-resident Ryan Darby was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia in December of 2009. During treatment, it was tough, his body took a toll. He got headaches, pain in his knees and pain in his back. During that time, he received so much love and support from family

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Kyairah is a cancer warrior. Let’s help her family fight.

Kyairah is a resilient and determined 8 year old girl who was initially diagnosed with neuroblastoma at age 3. She completed her therapy at age 5, however at age 7, she presented with recurrent metastatic disease. She completed additional therapy this past May but unfortunately, she has relapsed again from therapy. Despite long hospitalizations

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Candy and Smiles Delivered!

This fall, JUST TRYAN IT collected and delivered candy to UNC Children's Hospital in Chapel Hill, NC and Inova Children's in Alexandria, VA. While we can all recognize that candy is not a recipe for health, the staff at the hospital report that the candy generates smiles on faces and serves to temporarily relieve

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Meet Our 2019 Race Directors

This amazing group of individuals is leading our 2019 races in 4 different states. We are so excited to work with them and watch the magic they create in their communities. Karen Cox, Chapel Hill Karen Cox’s background is in Human Resources and Executive Recruiting. Karen has

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Ryan Darby Celebrates 5 Year Cancerversary

On February 23, 2018, Ryan Darby, the inspiration behind JUST TRYAN IT celebrated 5 years since his treatment for leukemia ended. Ryan, and his mother, Mollie Darby were interviewed on Good Morning, Washington that morning. In case you missed it, check out the segment here.

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1000 Pounds of Candy Delivered!

Thanks to all the neighborhoods, schools, and businesses that helped us collect candy this year. A special shout out to these candy captains: Kelley Keats, Allison Farnworth, Jeanne Dombcik, Wendy Albano, Kristen Pavlicek, Margarita Escaler, Maripat Metcalf, Lauren Hostetler, Grace Bell, Kate Newman. And, thank you to these schools and businesses: Duke School Faculty

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