For twelve years JUST TRYAN IT has provided families financial assistance to alleviate the financial stress they encounter when their child is in cancer treatment.  We have raised over 4 million dollars and helped nearly 3,500 families.   These emergency relief grants are generally capped at $2,000 per family per year and directly pay rent, mortgage, utilities and other household bills.

On August 1st JUST TRYAN IT launched a new initiative called the Deep Need Grant Fund.  Deep Need Grants will target those families who are experiencing extreme financial distress and will provide them with supplemental income for 3 to 6 months.  Grants will range from $5,000 to $8,000 depending on a family’s need and available funds. The goal of this program is to provide sustained support to relieve financial stress helping them to maintain financial stability throughout the course of treatment.

“The financial strain on our families is enormous, paychecks are cut in half while costs are through the roof.  The Deep Need Grant Fund will eliminate that worry, not for just one or two months but for three to six months. A huge impact on a parent’s mental and emotional health.” – Maureen Colburn, Executive Director

Thanks to the support of an anonymous foundation we are launching this effort in the greater Washington metropolitan region and are seeking out funders to expand the Deep Need Grants to our North Carolina partner hospitals in 2023.

Click here to donate to the Deep Need Grant Fund and stay tuned for more information about these grants and the impact they are having on families in our community.