This fall, JUST TRYAN IT collected and delivered candy to UNC Children’s Hospital in Chapel Hill, NC and Inova Children’s in Alexandria, VA. While we can all recognize that candy is not a recipe for health, the staff at the hospital report that the candy generates smiles on faces and serves to temporarily relieve some stress both of which can impact health! We are grateful for the support from our community to make this happen and especially Andy Luther from the Landon School in Bethesda, and Kate Newman from the Carolina Friends School in Durham for their leadership. Below are some photos and notes from two students that joined us in North Carolina to deliver the candy.


I had a great time participating in the Candy drive for JTI.  I loved delivering all of the donated candy and motivational cards that my classmates at St Michael’s School put together for the cancer patients at UNC Hospital.  I am sad that they couldn’t go out and trick or treat so I was so excited that they at least might be able to get some candy.  I loved seeing the faces of the people in the hospital as we were rolling all of the candy that was donated knowing it was going to such a great cause.  The best part of my experience was bumping into Trent.  I had met Trent at last year’s race.  He was the 2018 face of the Race.  I was so excited to see him and I felt he lit up when he recognized us.  My mom kept saying how great Trent looked and I couldn’t agree more.  Trent has been  fighting cancer for some time now and is awaiting his last surgery.  He asked us to come visit him in the hospital while he recovers and we of course said yes!  All and all it was a very humbling day delivering candy and cards to these sick kids.  I am so thankful that JTI for the opportunity to help these kids and their families.

Connor, Age 14

I am thankful that I got to deliver cards and candy to the children at the UNC Cancer Hospital.  We had so much candy I think my muscles grew as we piled all the candy on the carts to deliver to the 2rd floor.  I was so happy thinking of the kids reading the cards the St Michaels student wrote to them.  I was sad they couldn’t go out and trick or treat themselves so I couldn’t wait to deliver the candy to them.  When I entered the floor and saw Trent, a cancer patient I met at last years race I felt like I was on top of the world. I went up to him and said he looked great and gave him a big bag of candy.  He had a HUGE smile on his face.  It was a great Day!

Jack, Age 12