At each race we give an award to a race day volunteer who spreads enthusiasm, happiness, and a touch of goofiness to our event.

Winner: Andrew Hoffman

Andrew was a tireless worker all day Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday, he was engaged in setting up the course, interacting with families throughout packet pickup, and ensuring all was in place. On Sunday, Andrew enthusiastically greeted families and helped racers find their way in transition. He stayed active the entire race and when the last racer was just starting the 1/2 mile run, Andrew joined in to run the entire course with her. At the finish, he politely stepped out of the way for her to shine in the moment! But, that wasn’t the end of Andrew’s engagement with the community. As the party zone was winding down, Andrew took the opportunity to befriend two young racers in a game of catch reinforcing the fun, friendship, and compassion that are key values of JUST TRYAN IT.

Congratulations, Andrew!

Honorable mention: Matt Lynn

Matt stepped in as a last minute volunteer and was enthusiastic and positive throughout the long run course and then moved right over to the water station and started helping there. He was instrumental in cleaning up and breaking down the long run course when it was time. Thanks, Matt, for your great support of our racers and cause.