At each race we give an award to a race day volunteer that spread enthusiasm, happiness, and a touch of goofiness to our event. This year, we have 3 winners from our Chapel Hill race.

Winner: Ana Carlson

Ana rose above and beyond the call of duty as a monitor on the bike course. Ana was slated to return for a fourth year as an on-bike monitor. The day before the race Ana fractured her left arm at the elbow. Ana insisted on volunteering despite the fractured elbow. On race morning she was moved from “on-bike” to “on-golf cart.” Despite her nagging pain, Ana proved invaluable on the bike course. She drove the golf cart all over the course attending to many diverse situations. Ana delivered bottles of water to the far reaches of the bike loop. She aided a rider with a flat tire, by walking one of the volunteers through how to repair a flat (as it takes two working elbows). Ana was on the bike course when two riders slipped off their bikes. She attended to those athletes with care and concern and eventually brought them back to the clubhouse on her golf cart. Her actions were quick and thorough, and the young athletes were comforted by her presence. When the run course ran out of water, Ana was there in a flash delivering more. We all thank Ana for her extreme dedication to JUST TRYAN IT. She is a star!

Winner: Tyne Tyson

In polling racers, we frequently heard about this one volunteer on the bike course that was louder than all the others and so happy. One said, “she made me feel so special.” Another racer called her a “crazy good volunteer,” and a third said, “there is one volunteer that is going to sleep well tonight!” Who was this enthusiastic cheerleader? Tyne Tyson at station #10. As bike captain, Alanna Bach stated, “she was incredibly enthusiastic on the bike course. Every time I passed by, she was waving her flag and jumping up and down!” Thank you, Tyne, for truly making the day special for all that passed you.

Winner: Dirk Wilcox

As the lead long pacer, Dirk has a low key and quiet job of leading the first long course runner yet allowing the racer to dictate the pace.  After completing the 2 mile long run, Dirk continued to be involved in the race running with other racers throughout the course. Even at the very end of the race, when he could have been “done for the day,” Dirk came around the corner to look and make sure all racers were accounted for and then finished with the last group. We are all lucky to have Dirk on the run course year after year.