Whitaker was the Face of the Race at our 2018 Alexandria, VA kids triathlon. We are delighted to share with you this update from his family. You can read Whitaker’s full story here. Join Whitaker and family at our September 15, 2019 race at Episcopal High School.

In the last year, Whitaker has been experiencing as normal a life as possible for a child in his position.    Most beneficially, he was fitted for hearing aids–loss of hearing being a side effect of chemo–and his “Super Ears” have improved his (and everyone else’s) quality of life.   Whit also attended a developmental Pre-K program three times a week to assist him with learning normal social interaction and to work on his speech/hearing.   Between the hearing aids and regular exposure to normal peer interaction, his frustration levels have decreased dramatically.   Most importantly, he made some friends his own age!

Despite what he has endured, Whit is becoming a normal 3-4 year old.  He has scabby knees, popsicle juice on his shirts, is always talking about Toy Story or Transformers, and loves to “SUUUURPRISSSE” people whenever possible.

This summer, Whit just wants to keep up with his big sister, Lakeland.   She got braces recently, so Whit refuses to eat corn-on-the-cob, “because I have braces too.”  She is a natural swimmer, and Whit will jump right in after her, even in the deep end;  no fear or hesitation.   Sissy got a bike for her Bday, and runs up and down the street after her, his helmet on just like his hero, “Sissy.”

Whit’s parents are a little more relaxed now, and stay focused on the future and enjoying each day we have together.  All of the family is so grateful for the endless support and boundless compassion shown to them over the past 30 months that they strive to Pay it Forward whenever possible.


P.S. — LL is excited that she can ride a bike so she can participate in the JTI Alex race.