Nyirah Nyirah is an adorable 1-year-old diagnosed with ALL in January 2022. Nyirah lives with her loving parents and 2 siblings. Her mother is unable to work as she is the primary caretaker for Nyirah while she is in treatment. Her father is able to work 3 days a week, however the

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Evan 11-year-old Evan was diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma in February 2022. He lives at home with his loving parents who recently started their own Heating and Cooling business. Evan's parents manage all of the day to day operations themselves and only have 1 employee. Evan's treatment has made it difficult for them to

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Zion 12-year-old Zion was diagnosed with Leukemia in January 2021. He lives at home with his loving mother and his step father. Zion's step father works out of state while his mother has had to stop working due to the acute needs of caring for Zion for a significant period of time.

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William William is a sweet 7-year-old boy diagnosed with Leukemia - ALL in December 2019. William lives with his loving mother and one sibling. His mother has been unable to consistently work since William's diagnosis as he currently comes every two weeks for treatment. She recently lost her job due to William

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Lucy Lucy is an adorable 1-year-old baby girl diagnosed with Wilms Tumor in November 2021. Lucy and her loving parents recently moved to NC when her mother got a new job. Thankfully, her job has been extremely flexible with time off given she is a new employee and she is as full

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Emely 15-year-old Emely was diagnosed with Leukemia - ALL in December 2021. She lives with her loving mother and her 20-year-old sister. Sadly, her father passed away from cancer in 2019. Emely's mother was working full time but has missed work due to inpatient hospitalizations and outpatient chemotherapy appointments. Her sister is

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