As part of our Hope for the Holidays campaign, Baltimore and Bethesda racers led by First Aid Captain Elyse Michelson rallied their community to support Isaiah, a local Baltimore child battling cancer and the complications from treatment. Through a community boot camp, Lularoe, a local school, and company holiday parties, they were able to pull together a meaningful gift of a wagon / stroller, gift cards and cash, clothing, and more. Many of the kids made cards for Tish and Isaiah as well.

Elyse wrote, “I am SO proud to be part of this amazing organization and to be able to touch the lives of those so desperately in need. Tish couldn’t stop hugging me or my kids and kept apologizing for crying! I know we really made a difference for her and Isaiah.”

Tish wrote, “I just read the card from Ms. Elyse. I am having an emotional day because I just thank God for all the support. I was stressed on how I was going to pay my mortgage and things like that. You all helped me at a time when I felt like a failure. This illness is tearing my heart apart and it’s days like today that help me stay strong. Isaiah loves his new wagon and I went to get him a beautiful pillow for the inside. I just can’t thank you all enough and thanks for taking time out of your day to come visit. We barely make it outside now days. I just keep crying and am just overwhelmed with joy. Merry Christmas and happy New Year.”

Thank you to the entire Baltimore community that came together in support of Tish and Isaiah and especially to Elyse and her family for making it all happen.