We asked Amie why she has chosen to be a Key Holder and provide monthly donations to JUST TRYAN IT.

How did you first hear about JUST TRYAN IT?

I became aware of JUST TRYAN IT as I saw signs around town and kids wearing JUST TRYAN IT triathlon t-shirts.

What inspires you about our mission?

  • I love JUST TRYAN IT’s mission. I love that it inspires kids to do something healthy in honor of children who are sick. 
  • I love that JUST TRYAN IT brings awareness through community action to children and families enduring frightening diagnoses and treatments. 
  • I love that JUST TRYAN IT shows families that they are not alone as they battle cancer. 
  • A family enduring a child’s cancer treatment should feel that their support system expands and that there is enough strength and energy available to them to see them through. 
  • JUST TRYAN IT offers financial support to families which is great, but it also shares visible optimism and energy through the actions of children.
  • Seeing the children congregate for a JUST TRYAN IT triathlon fills me with joy and optimism. The kids approach their commitment seriously and appreciate the opportunity to contribute and act on behalf of children who are suffering. 
  • Because children have limited ways of supporting their communities, the JUST TRYAN IT triathlons are important events with measurable benefits that they can claim. 
  • Often, children (and adults) feel helpless and frightened when they hear of another child receiving a cancer diagnosis, but JUST TRYAN IT offers them a place to turn to help, to do something measurable and meaningful.

Why did you become a Key Holder?

I became a Key Holder because I believe in the mission of JUST TRYAN IT and I I know that all budgets benefit from consistency. I always hear that our local NPR station most appreciates the dependable contributions of its “sustainers,” and I want to offer JUST TRYAN IT the same courtesy I offer WUNC.

Thank you, Amie! If you would like to learn more about out Key Holder program contact Tim Mooney or click here.