Winner: Zoe Toscos

At each race we give an award to a race day volunteer that spreads enthusiasm, happiness, and a touch of goofiness to our event.

As one team member wrote,“Zoe was in the Start Zone and was INVALUABLE. She was wonderful with the kids, handled all the nervousness and kept the racers engaged and excited to race. She went above and beyond and was truly an amazing new volunteer!!!” writes Start Captain, Milly Huizinga. Photographer, Eliza Botti noticed Zoe and wrote, “as the Mini Course kids were lining up, Zoe had them all engaged in Simon Says and focused on fun rather than nervousness. She stood out in her enthusiasm. We indeed had many gracious and amazing volunteers, but Zoe’s energy and winning attitude stood out.”

Honorable Mention: Tyler Povinelli

“The young man standing on the gravel road for the run course was very attentive and encouraging to all the racers as they went by. He took his job seriously but also knew that the race was supposed to be fun for the kids … he encouraged and directed them as they passed,” wrote photographer Eliza Botti. And, I stated, “Tyler came to shoe tie at a time when we needed more volunteers, after a VERY brief orientation, he jumped in to assist racers in getting their socks on and shoes tied – he never missed a beat and was eager to lend a hand.”

Tyler and Zoe, thank you for your service and enthusiasm and for contributing to the success of the day. Congratulations!