was donated to families being treated in Northern Virginia and Washington, DC with the funds raised at our 2020 race.

Thank you to all who participated!

Fundraising pages will remain open until December 31st.

Face of the Race

Meet Noah.

Noah is 5 years old and he is the youngest of 6 siblings which includes 3 older sisters and 2 older brothers. His siblings are Enelsey (23), Williany (21), Nileasy (19), Hayden (11), and a Benjamin (7).

Noah was a healthy and rambunctious little boy who is a sponge for taking every little good and some not-so-good things from his siblings so of course he was advanced at everything. He was diagnosed at 3 years old on December 19th 2018. We had just relocated within Maryland 5 weeks prior to his diagnosis. Noah had been sick for about 2 weeks prior to his diagnosis and had been to urgent care twice, his pediatrician once, as well as the Calvert Hospital once with no diagnosis. With no answers, his mom thought he might have Lyme Disease after moving to a house with a backyard filled with trees, grass and deer. After mom, dad, siblings and even grandpa took time off, and following a second ER visit, Noah was diagnosed with Leukemia at Inova Hospital.

The Face of the Race will share their story and be at the triathlon to meet and inspire our racers.

Top Alexandria Fundraisers

Top Fundraisers

Olivia Duvall $3,109
Grace Murphy $1,150
Ben Bacelli $856
Olivia Duvall $700
Julia Duvall $575

Top Fundraising Teams

SSSAS Just TRYAN IT $6,813
Arlington 05 GA Girls $3,095
Noah’s Running Crew $1,577
Arlington 03 GA Girls $1,391
Hoxton $334

Alexandria Sponsors

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