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was donated to families being treated in Northern Virginia and Washington, DC with the funds raised at our 2018 race.

Thank you to all who participated!

The JUST TRYAN IT kids triathlon is a timed event with a non-competitive atmosphere

Face of the Race

Meet Whitaker.

Living with Cancer is normal for Whit. He still just wants to throw a ball, play with his trains, and visit the garden to smell flowers and overwater his special plant. Hopefully, we will bring him to school in a couple years.

We know there is a 50% chance of his Cancer coming back, and we will face that if/when it does, but until then, we—all of us, Whit, us, our friends and family, and you—can only just keep tryan’ to live as best we can.

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The Face of the Race will share their story and be at the triathlon to meet and inspire our racers.

Top Alexandria Fundraisers

Top Fundraisers

Nevers Erickson $2,140
Julia Duvall $1,450
Sarah (Sam) Finamore $1,341
Campbell Reid $1,179
Cam Powers $1,131

Top Fundraising Teams

Episcopal Kids $7,783
Willie Strong $5,700
LHP Gators $2,645
VH Tidal Wave $1,696
The Arlington Dream Team $1,665
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