Overview of Volunteer Schedule

8:15 – 11:00 am

12:00 – 3:00 pm

6:30 am

6:45 am

7:15 am

8:00 am

8:30 am

11:00 am









Volunteer Check In 1

Volunteer Check In 2

Volunteer Check In 3

MANDATORY Volunteer Meeting

Racers begin to arrive, transition opens

Opening Ceremonies

Race begins, transition closes

Approximate end of race, clean up. ALL VOLUNTEERS

Volunteer Check In

All volunteers must check-in either Saturday or Sunday. Volunteers will receive a race volunteer shirt and lanyard that must be worn on Sunday. Please bring your phone and keep on your person during the race in case of emergency.

Plan to arrive with enough time to park, check in and ready to work by the time required. We are excited for the race and we hope you are too!


Please park on the side streets and walk to the club. There is no parking at the club on race day. If you require special services or parking, please contact the race director immediately.

What to Wear

Every volunteer must wear the volunteer race t-shirt and lanyard handed out at check-in. All volunteers must wear mask throughout race. Otherwise dress appropriately for the weather and don’t forget your sunscreen.

Important Contact Information

Race Director – Mike Fays

Safety Procedures

Protocol for Minor Incidents

Minor Incidents may include skinned knee, stubbed toe, fallen and shaken up from bike accident. Volunteers should report any and all minor incidents to their Race Captain at the end of the race. If applicable, they should record racer numbers and details on their index cards in their race packets. The Race Captain should log all of these incidents with the First Aid Captain at the conclusion of the race.

Protocol for Serious Incidents

Serious Incidents may include broken bicycle, upset racer unable to continue racing either for emotional or physical reasons. Volunteers should report any and all serious incidents to their Race Captain and Race Director immediately. If applicable, they should record racer numbers and details on their index cards in their race packets. The Race Director should engage the First Aid Captain if necessary. All Serious Incidents should be logged with the First Aid Captain at the conclusion of the race.

Protocol for Major Incidents

Major Incidents may include seriously hurt racer (broken bones, severe cut, head injury), accident between racer and pedestrian or vehicle, life threatening situation. Volunteers should call 911 immediately if in their best judgement, that is the necessary course of action. Always ensure that you are in a secure area – make sure you are safe. Immediately after hanging up with 911, the Race Director and First Aid captain should be notified. It may be important to solicit the help of another volunteers to aid in the communication while attending to the injured party. If the incident endangers the lives of other racers, the volunteer should stop the race from proceeding. The safety of the racers, volunteers, and spectators is most important. A complete report will be required at the conclusion of the incident / race.

In addition, when any incident or situation occurs that is of potential crisis, the closest JUST TRYAN IT Volunteer must take action immediately to ensure a safe environment for themselves and the racer. As quickly as possible, contact your Captain and First Aid Volunteer via text and phone call noting your Volunteer number (can be found on colored flag in position). All Course Marshals will receive a lanyard with printed emergency instructions and important phone numbers.

Inclement Weather

The safety of our athletes, volunteers, and spectators is our primary concern. In the event of inclement weather, the race will continue under the following circumstances:

Lightning: The event will be postponed by 30 minutes. All racers and spectators will move to a designated space for shelter or any nearby safe place. If the lightning continues, the race will be cancelled.

Rain: The event will NOT be canceled due to rain alone. If it is determined that the bike portion of the race would be unsafe due to wet roads, then the race will be changed to a swim-run duathlon. Athletes will be informed of such a change via announcements on race day.

Tornado warning: The race will be canceled in the event of a tornado warning