Way to go Brandon

The Triangle Day School student council recently sponsored a double-elimination Super Smash Bro’s video game competition/fundraiser with the winner choosing the charity. Students and teachers paid $5 to enter the tournament. Over $200 was raised during the evening. Thanks to Brandon, this year’s winner, for selecting JUST TRYAN IT as the recipient! Triangle Day

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Candy and Smiles Delivered!

This fall, JUST TRYAN IT collected and delivered candy to UNC Children's Hospital in Chapel Hill, NC and Inova Children's in Alexandria, VA. While we can all recognize that candy is not a recipe for health, the staff at the hospital report that the candy generates smiles on faces and serves to temporarily relieve

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Landon Students Attend Biden Cancer Town Hall

On September 21, 2018, 4 Landon high school students attended the Biden Cancer Initiative's culminating event in downtown Washington, DC. Armen S, Vernon H, Jonathan C, and Johnny M learned about the variety of approaches to cancer care research throughout the country from panels of experts. Thanks to these gentlemen for participating. We are

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1000 Pounds of Candy Delivered!

Thanks to all the neighborhoods, schools, and businesses that helped us collect candy this year. A special shout out to these candy captains: Kelley Keats, Allison Farnworth, Jeanne Dombcik, Wendy Albano, Kristen Pavlicek, Margarita Escaler, Maripat Metcalf, Lauren Hostetler, Grace Bell, Kate Newman. And, thank you to these schools and businesses: Duke School Faculty

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