Elizabeth & Mary Kate

Elizabeth and Mary Kate race for their late Aunt Mary Kay, who died at the age of 16 from Hodgkins Lymphoma. For their entire family, JUST TRYAN IT is an opportunity to both remember Mary Kay and to help other families that are facing the same struggles that Mary Kay’s family lived through. The stories of Mary Kay, who died more than 20 years before Elizabeth and Mary Kate were born, had always been hard for the girls to grasp, until they were given the opportunity to race in Mary Kay’s honor in JUST TRYAN IT. As the donations and accompanying notes come in every year around race time, the stories and memories of Mary Kay grow stronger and more relatable for Elizabeth and Mary Kate. In time, they began to refer to her as “Aunt Mary Kay” instead of “my Mom’s sister”.

Every dollar that Elizabeth and Mary Kate has raised makes them proud of their accomplishments, helps them to learn about their Aunt Mary Kay, and gives them the opportunity to help the wonderful families who will benefit from all of this generosity. The Carroccio Family is so thrilled that the girls can be a part of helping those families, and that in doing so, Mary Kay can be a part of her niece’s lives in a small way. To think that the founders of JUST TRYAN IT took the news of Ryan Darby’s diagnosis and turned it into this incredible event is so beautiful.