Maya was diagnosed one week after her third birthday. She had a lot of ups and downs during her chemotherapy treatment. Her courage and her determination saw her through it. She never liked to stay in bed, but insisted on getting dressed and interacting with her nurses, doctors, child life specialists, art therapists, social workers and volunteer staff at Georgetown. Maya always believed in having fun, in spite of her leukemia. if she had to be in bed, doing art cheered her up. She really enjoyed all art projects. Maya loves the JUST TRYAN IT triathlon racers and all they do to help kids with cancer. Her brother Mateo was able to be part of her team of racers one year. Maya and her family would like to thank JUST TRYAN IT  for all it does to help families!!! Maya has completed her chemotherapy and is in remission. Maya and her family feel very grateful to God and to her Georgetown doctors and team who helped them through the whole journey.!