After losing her job in early January due to the time off to care for Kori, Diona, Kori’s mother, worked closely with their social worker to obtain Medicaid and SSI but, while those applications were processing, Diona was left with no income or employer benefits. JUST TRYAN IT stepped in to help with several months of Diona’s car payments, which provided access to care during a critical time.

“​I ​just want to extend my forever gratefulness to this foundation. Because of you all I can rest a little easier knowing my bill has been paid and I’ll have reliable transportation to take my daughter to and from her appointments. I really appreciate all the help that has been sent our way. My daughter is 3 years old and is battling renal cancer and is undergoing extensive treatment for her illness. I also have a 15 month old and I’m a single mother. I was in school to further my nursing career and recently hit financial hardship because I need to be with my daughter during her treatments and setbacks (hospital admissions) I have also recently lost my job that I’ve been with since 2006. They only offered 12 weeks of FMLA to take care of my daughter. I really just want everyone to know how appreciative and thankful I am for the generosity that was extended our way. It really means so much to me and I’m just so thankful and blessed beyond measure.​”​–Diona, Kori’s mother