Kenyah was diagnosed with bilateral retinal blastoma at 6months old. She started chemotherapy the same week that she was diagnosed. In her first year of chemotherapy she also had 5 weeks of radiation. All of this was done at Georgetown Hospital. Six weeks after completing her first year of chemotherapy, the tumor in Kenyah’s right eye grew in size which resulted in the removal of her eye and also another year of chemotherapy. Kenyah also has moderate to severe hearing loss. After a year of seeing different specialists, Kenyah traveled to the children’s hospital of Philadelphia were she had several cosmetic surgeries and got her prostatic eye. Kenyah has been off of chemotherapy for 4 years and is doing awesome. She is exceeding all of her teachers expectations in school. Thanks to the staff at Georgetown, Dr. Deegan, Children’s hospital of Philadelphia and JUST TRYAN IT for all the support.