Isilma was diagnosed with leukemia when she was 4 years old and was treated with chemotherapy for three years. She remembers having to be in the hospital a lot and having fun with her doctors and nurses there. There were a lot of fun activities at Georgetown. She remembers having a lady draw pictures of Disney princesses for her and once, getting a visit from Spiderman. Isilma is happy that she is cancer free. A highlight for her this year was having her quinceanera party and having a beautiful dress and her family and friends to celebrate with her. Isilma and her family have attended the JUST TRYAN IT triathlon in Bethesda for several years and she plans to be there again this year. Isilma helps hand out medals and enjoys seeing the racers cross the finish line. Isilma would like to thank the racers for all their hard work and effort to help pediatric cancer patients. She and her family really appreciate that JUST TRYAN IT cares so much.