Isiah is a 17-year old rising senior at St. Albans School in Washington DC. Like most young men, he enjoys sports (especially lacrosse, football, and basketball). In the Spring of 2014, as Isiah was finishing up his freshman year of high school, he began to notice that he was frequently fatigued and/or sick. In June, he experienced a low-grade fever (that spanned more than two weeks) and blurred vision. Isiah was taken to multiple doctors, and diagnosed afterwards. He began treatment immediately. After an initial stay of 32 days in the hospital, Isiah went into remission, where he has remained ever since. This initial stay was followed by 9 months of intense treatment, including many in-patient hospital stays. At this time, Isiah was not able to attend school physically because of his compromised immune system. In April 2015, Isiah began his maintenance phase of treatment. Isiah is happy to be back at St. Albans and to be with his friends and classmates; however, because of his surgically-implanted port, he will not be able to play any contact sports (including his favorite sport, lacrosse) until November 2017, when his treatment is scheduled to end. Throughout his ordeal, Isiah has demonstrated tremendous courage and resilience.