Christina - Survivor, Mom

My girls, Alexandra and Nora were just 4 and 9 months old when I was diagnosed with stage III breast cancer. They were by my side the whole time making me smile, laugh, reminding me about what is important in this world. On the hardest days I would curl up with sweet Nora who had no idea what was happening to her mother and I would smile, knowing that she was the gift that allowed me to find my cancer sooner than I would have without her.

Although Cancer will always be apart of my girls life, I want them to understand that life can be truly lived during a cancer battle. My girls are learning that life should not be taken for granted, each day is a gift and none of us were given a guarantee of time on this earth. It truly is about quality, not quantity.

Alexandra became involved in JUST TRYAN IT at the Bethesda race in June 2016. She engaged in the fundraising and training with incredible passion. She understood that raising money and racing was one way she could help improve the quality of life for children, just like her. Alex’s enthusiasm for the JUST TRYAN IT triathlon has become a family affair. Nora has decided to join her big sister to raise funds and awareness for childhood cancer.

We couldn’t be more proud of our children! #beatcancer