Andrew is a 6 year old from Baltimore who loves to be outside fishing, collecting bugs and also loves Legos.  His cousin Madeline has had cancer for just about his whole life.  Often during visits, Madeline was in the hospital so Andrew got to know his cousins through the experience of a family fighting leukemia.  The support that the family received from the community was truly overwhelming.  Financial support really relieves stress from families in unthinkable circumstances.  Having the financial support to always be with Madeline in the hospital was a gift. Madeline’s Mom documented and shared their journey on the Facebook page Mad About Madeline extending, her reach to inspire tens of thousands.  Even as they celebrate Madeline’s first birthday in heaven, they continue to do so much to pay it forward.  Aunt Amie joined the board of directors for Lea’s Foundation for Leukemia Research and works tirelessly to find funding for children’s cancer research.

So really, this is their story.

Andrew’s participation in the race is “for fun” but the fundraising is a way for him to remain connected to his cousin.  His most memorable time with Madeline was taking her fishing with his Dad.