Zuna is a sweet baby girl diagnosed with Retinoblastoma at only 2 months old. Zuna’s mother was still on maternity leave when she was diagnosed and had anticipated going back to work before diagnosis. People from her work were donating PTO and Zuna’s dad was working when he could but it was not enough to cover the bills. JUST TRYAN IT stepped in and provided a grant to assist with mortgage, utility and auto loan payment so the family could focus on Zuna’s care.

Zuna’s mom is eager for us to share her little girl’s story. Zuna responded well to treatment and although she will need to be monitored carefully for years to come, they are sure she is in great hands. Zuna and her family are very grateful for the support provided by JTI. “It allowed us to ease some of our stress and focus more on caring for Zuna. Once again thank you guys so much!” They are thrilled to have Zuna as a STAR, “Thank you for making Zuna a STAR as she definitely shines like one.”