Zion was diagnosed with Leukemia in January 2021 at age 11. He lives at home with his loving mother and his step father. Zion’s step father works out of state while his mother has had to stop working due to the acute needs of caring for Zion for a significant period of time. They have additional costs of traveling to and from the hospital and other medical costs. The family is feeling the financial strain of out of pocket expenses.

JUST TRYAN IT provided a grant to assist with their rent while their family focuses on Zion’s care. In addition to the grant, Family Reach provided additional resources and connections to other organizations which would be able to provide support and the possibility of further grants. A Financial Guidebook was given to the family to provide further financial education and budget tools.

“On behalf of my son Zion and the family we want to say thank you so much for this relief. It helped a long way. We really appreciate it. Please Let me know what I can do in return for this kind gesture. Thank you.” Funmilayo, mom of Zion