Leeonah was 3 years old when she was diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma in September 2020. Leeonah lives with her parents and younger brother. Her father is the sole provider however his employment has been very unstable this year due to Leenoah’s frequent appointments and COVID. Only one parent is able to bring Leeonah to her appointments, while the other parent stays home to care for Leeonah’s younger brother. Their finances have been severely impacted and they have drained their savings account.

JUST TRYAN IT funded a grant to assist with their rent while their family focuses on Leeonah’s care. In addition to the emergency grant, a Financial Guidebook was provided to the family and a referral was made to a pro-bono certified financial planner through the Family Reach Financial Planning for Cancer program.

Leeonah loves her unicorn bathrobe, she calls it her super power robe and wears it to every doctor’s appointment because she isn’t afraid when wearing it. She loves the Frozen movies, The Little Mermaid, and the Disney Zombies. Leeonah loves to play Roblox with her sister and parents.

“Leeonah is so strong, there are bad times but the good she gives us outweighs the bad by so much. She is my unicorn princess and as my wife says, our princess warrior.” — Duane, Leeonah’s dad