Isaiah was born on time at Johns Hopkins  hospital on July 12, 2017. Isaiah lives with his mom and grandparents. He loves to laugh and smiles at everything.  

Isaiah was enjoying his young life – playing with Mickey Mouse, eating pancakes, and dancing up a storm – and hitting all the developmental milestones for his age, until he was diagnosed with Hepatoblastoma at 9 months old. On July 24, 2018, Isaiah underwent a life-altering surgery. During a routine procedure to have his tumor removed, Isaiah suffered cardiac arrest and his brain was deprived of oxygen, resulting in an anoxic brain injury.

Not only has cancer completely change the course of Isaiah’s life, but it has taken a drastic toll on this family’s financial stability and mental health.  He is fed through a ng tube, receives 8 different medicines at 9 different times each day and night. Tish is no longer able to work full-time due to Isaiah’s needs and treatment plan. Her income has been cut by more than 50%.

“I barely get sleep nowadays. I had to change shifts and it is hard to work overtime because no one is able to help Isaiah. Cancer is expensive. My family and friends hate seeing Isaiah the way he is so they barely come over, it’s too emotional for them sometimes. They try to help financially when they can. If it wasn’t for JUST TRYAN IT helping me one month, I would have given up. I had reached rock bottom.”

Before Isaiah was diagnosed, Tish proudly bought a new home for her family. She took out a loan to help cover the mortgage and is now facing drastic lifestyle changes to try and make ends meet. Between mortgage payments, hospital expenses and everyday needs, Tish is struggling to keep her family afloat. “My life is all about cancer now. It’s been really hard to accept. My baby used to love to dance and now he’s fed through a tube,” says Tish.

Isaiah is making some progress. He is learning how to hold his head up and making baby sounds again. He even said “dada.” He still is not responding with his eyes but he has that signature smile that wipes away all doubt. “I am scared, but I left it in Gods hands. Everyday gets a little brighter. Financially being a single parent is draining but knowing Isaiah is doing great gives me more ammunition to keep fighting. I can’t thank JUST TRYAN IT enough. Cancer has ruined my life but it didn’t take my son from me,” says Tish. “He is still fighting and I am there for him every step of the way.”

In December of 2018, JUST TRYAN IT racers, supporters and community members in Baltimore brought holiday cheer to Tish and Isaiah. Read about their story here.

Isaiah and Tish will be at our Alexandria race in September 2019 as our Face of the Race.