Everett was diagnosed with leukemia in December of 2020 at age 2. Everett’s parents are both working full time. Everett’s mother is a MICU nurse who was treating COVID-19 patients. However, his mother is planning to be on unpaid leave from work for several months during the most intensive part of Everett’s treatment. She will be Everett’s primary caregiver while Everett’s father continues to work. Everett’s family has just recently bought a house, and are hoping to keep themselves in a stable living condition while Everett’s mother is not working. JUST TRYAN IT immediately funded a grant to assist with their mortgage payments while their family focuses on Everett’s care.

Everett loves Paw Patrol and PJ Masks and like most of us has a soft spot for Baby Yoda! He loves being outside and going for walks. When he rides in the car he loves to name all of the big trucks and construction vehicles he sees driving by. At night he loves to look at the moon and stars and enjoys catching lightning bugs.

May 2022 Update

We were so excited for Everett to join us at our 2022 Chapel Hill triathlon! Everett and his mom inspired us all with their comments during the opening ceremonies.

March 2024 Update

Everett’s parents tell us that, “Still in remission and rang bell for end of treatment. [He] loves trains and [is] starting Kindergarten next fall. Lightning McQueen!”