June 28, 2022

Evan was diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma in February 2022 at age 11. He lives at home with his loving parents who recently started their own Heating and Cooling business. Evan’s parents manage all of the day to day operations themselves and only have 1 employee. Evan’s treatment has made it difficult for them to do all of the business work themselves, such as marketing, installation, etc. Evan will need radiation treatment this summer for 6 weeks so they are financially trying to determine what that will look like with just his father operating the business while his mother cares for Evan while he is in treatment. Although they are staying strong, this has caused significant financial and emotional stress on the family.

JUST TRYAN IT immediately funded a grant to assist with their mortgage and car payment while their family focuses on Evan’s care. A Financial Guidebook was given to the family to provide further financial education and budget tools.

July 2023 Update

The past six months have been busy for Evan. In December, his doctor’s announced that he shows “no evidence of disease” and he was able to ring the bell for his end of treatment! He has since had his port and g-tube removed and is excited to move forward in his journey.

JUST TRYAN IT had the honor of hosting Evan as our Face of the Race for our 2023 Chapel Hill triathlon! Not only did Evan’s mom, Amy, give a moving speech, but Evan led the Party Zone in a dance party as the last of our long course athletes finished their races!

March 2024 Update

“Finished treatment Dec.2022; playing rugby and golf. Got back to running after neuropathy took my ability to walk.”