Eli is a 3 year boy who loves superheroes and playing outside. The day after Eli was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma in 2017, his mom quit her job to fully support her child. She writes, “I knew then life would be changing financially. Always being a 2 income family and going to 1 doesn’t mean the bills change. The burden of cancer caused us to have to sell many things. Life changes so drastically; we don’t eat out, we save every penny we can and hope to be able to pay the bills at home while living in the hospital.” 

Eli’s extensive treatments made it impossible for his mother to return to work, causing the family to lose their home and much else. With JTI’s help, however, Eli’s mom could remain in the hospital with her son. Today, Eli is in remission and just started a clinical trial drug called DFMO to prevent relapse. His mom writes, “he is doing great!”